When we talk about custom t-shirt printing, chances are you will think about screen printing. It is possibly the most famous printing method in today’s world. Teams, companies, and organizations often use it.

Let us tell you how does it work first. We start with the color separation process. Using computer graphic software, we divide your design based on its colors. The more colors you have on your design, the more color layers you need in the screen printing process.

We then print the design and process it into fine mesh stencil screens. With the fine mesh stencil screens on hand, we can then start the screen printing process.

We will stack the color layers one by one until they form the final design. Lastly, after we have screen printed all the color layers, we dry the final design with a dryer.

There are two significant advantages you can get from screen printing. It can give you vibrant and specific colors. You can also use a vast range of ink types in screen printing, and there are tons of available ink types out there.

Its versatility and affordability are the reasons why people choose screen printing in making their custom apparel. Especially if you have an order with a large quantity, screen printing is the way to go.

It gives you a fast and economical production process. However, because it is labor-intensive and consumes many resources, it may not be suitable for a smaller run.