Are you looking for an affordable way to create custom apparel without any minimum quantity requirement?

If so, you should try digital printing. It prints whatever graphic you need on the shirt using modified inkjet technology. It is currently one of the most preferred ways of custom apparel making.

Digital printing has only been around for 15 years. Even so, the technology in digital printing has advanced at a breakneck speed in that time. Each year, this printing method improves in speed, affordability, and print quality.

Usually, people use digital printing when they need to do a small run custom apparel order. People will also opt for digital printing when they need to transfer full-color photos into their hoodies, jackets, etc.

Overall, compared to the screen printing method, digital printing has a higher cost per print. Considering the time efficiency and practicality, you can still choose digital printing for a smaller production.

In OS T-shirts Printing, we are very confident with our digital printing result. Our ink is 100% safe to use and dries quickly. The ink will then soak into the fabric of the shirt. This eliminates the possibility of the printed image cracking, peeling, or washing away with time. For a t-shirt made in under an hour, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it?.

The best part about digital printing is that we can print your graphic onto your apparel as soon as we receive your design. In addition to its feasibility and time-saving ability, digital printing also delivers you detailed final results.