All You Need To Know About Custom T-Shirt: Screen Printing vs. Digital Printing

In OS T-shirts Printing, there two printing methods available, screen printing and digital printing. Here, we will show you how to pick up one of them, according to your needs.

Screen printing is a method where you manually push ink through a fine mesh stencil screen. The ink will then be printed on your t-shirt, forming the desired design.

On the other hand, the process of digital printing is very similar to your home printer. Once you have a design on your computer, you can then hit the print button. The printer will then automatically printed your design on the t-shirt.

Now, let’s compare the two printing methods.

First, we will talk about the quantity aspects. Screen printing is more suitable for more extensive production. It will have a lower price per print value when done in bulk. On the contrary, digital printing is the right way to go when you do a smaller run.

Next, we will discuss the fabric type. Unfortunately, even with today’s technology, the fabric options for digital printing are still limited compared to screen printing. Screen printing works on any fabric material.

The last one is about the design. In terms of versatility, digital printing wins here. Unlike screen printing with limited color options, you’ll make any 2D design with digital printing, including digital printing and pictures with meticulous details.

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