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The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Printing T-Shirts

There are several reasons why you may want to print online shirts. You can print t-shirts with amazing photos of your family and friends or for promoting your new brand. In this article, we will highlight the various steps for printing your favorite t-shirts

Step 1: Look for a Perfect Design

You will need a great design to print your t-shirt. You can choose a design that will represent your brand and personality or tell your story. A great design should reflect your brand and tell more about your offering. You can achieve this by identifying your target audience and set your goals clear. Depending on your needs, the design can feature a slogan, an illustration, a logo, or all of the three.

The design you choose should be compatible with your preferred color. If are printing on a black t-shirt, you should use a design with lighter colors. You can also consult a professional designer to get the best design.

Step 2: Keep in Mind the Quantity and Your Budget

It is important that you estimate your budget and quantity before proceeding with printing. The cost for every item will reduce if you order a large quantity. If you are planning to sell your custom t-shirts, it is advisable to order them in bulk.

You can also identify the kind of sizes you need and the total number for each size. For merchandise t-shirts, it is advisable to have various sizes. Your budget and quantity can determine the printing option you can use.

Step 3: Select a Printing method

There are several factors that may determine your printing option. Some of them include production time, cost of printing, appearance, and materials. Depending on these factors, there are three main types of printing methods that you can choose. They include;

  • Screen printing
  • Direct-to-garment printing
  • Vinyl graphics

Step 4: Look for a Printer

Once you have identified your printing method, the next step is to look for a printer. There are several options that you can choose both online and locally. If you want to print your t-shirts locally, consider requesting a sample of the actual and finished t-shirts from the printer.

If you choose an online printing company, go through previous customers’ reviews and then call their customer service desk for inquiries. Factors that can influence the printer you will select include;

  • Printing time
  • T-shirts sizes, cuts, color, and materials offered
  • The printing techniques offered
  • Cost of a plain t-shirt as well as printing
  • Quantities that can be ordered

Step 5: Select a T-Shirt Design and Fabric

You should always go for a t-shirt that you will be comfortable in. A fabric that is 100% cotton is more preferable because it is versatile and easy to wash and wear. If you are after a cheaper option that is breathable, select a fabric that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Your choice of fabric will also depend on the printer you opt for.

Step 6: Submit Files

Once you are ready for printing, send the printer the design files that you want to be done. It is important to directly communicate with your printer to ask about what is required of your file. This will ensure that the final product delivered exactly meets your expectations.

Step 7: Checking your proof

The printer will send proof to you before your t-shirt is printed. You should review the proof as it is your last opportunity to make changes. Ensure that you check the alignment, numbers, words, and colors. You can share it with your friend to advise you more.

Step 8: Collect your T-Shirt

Pick your t-shirt and check everything after the printer is done. Do not forget to tank the printer when the final product meets your expectation.


Whatever your reasons for printing Custom t-shirts, we hope that these steps come in handy to help you with your printing. Printing your t-shirt has never gotten this easier.

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